Waxing, hair removal, Eyelash and Eyebrows Tinting, Eyelash Perming

Enhance your facial features and be hair free.

We use the best quality wax on the market. Every client will be treated with antiseptic products before waxing, finishing with hot towels and treated with post waxing lotion and cream. Contact us for Tinting and Waxing Packages

Waxing in Merimbula

• Eyebrows, chin, lips
• Underarms
• Bikini wax, G-bikini, extended bikini
• Brazilian wax
• Half leg, Top half leg, full leg
• Back waxing

Eyelash-Eyebrows Tinting and Eyelash Perming

• Eyelash tint - lash tinting
• Eyebrow tint
• Eyelash perm





Ask for Depilar System waxing

An affordable method for the reduction of unwanted body hair. Enzyme-based gels will be applied on the skin after waxing to break down the cells responsible for hair growth.

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