Manicure, Pedicure, Nails and Reflexology

Enhance your appearance with immaculate hands, nails and feet

manicure MerimbulaManicure in Merimbula

Cocoon Manicure (1h): For beautiful hands. Come and discover our cocooning mani and just relax. Treatment includes exfoliation, massage and mask.
Express Pedicures and Manicures (0.5h): For a quick nice look. We will file, buffer and do the cuticle work and paint your nails.


pedi cure merimbulaPedicure in Merimbula

Cocoon Pedicure (1h): Enjoy our cocooning pedi and have a nice relaxing moment. Treatment includes exfoliation, massage and mask.
Cocoon Pedicure with reflexology (1.30h): Come and enjoy our cocoon pedicure and discover the benefit of reflexology. In doing pressure massage on reflex points, we will release stress, tensions and blockages in your body to bring back balance and serenity.

We will soak your feet in salt and antiseptic products and we use disposable feet bowls. All instruments are sterilised.

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