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Face Mask and Lymph Drainage

We provide a skin analysis for every facial

We use Phyt's organic products which use 100% natural origin ingredients in their composition. It is a true world exclusiveness for such a complete range. Every treatment includes traditional or lymph drainage massage.

Facials MerimbulaOrganic Facials

Soin Equilibre (1.15h): Suit all skin types. Clears and detoxifies. Bring balance and hydration.
Soin Anti-Comedons (1.15h): Combination of essential oils and minerals. Fights blackheads. Detoxifying and de congesting on acne.

Soin Capyl (1.15h): Designed to tone down redness and soothe the most sensitive skin.
Soin Energie Vitale (1.15h): Cocktail of essential oils and minerals to nourish, detoxify, remineralise, moisturise devitalised ageing skin.
Soin Multi-Vita (1.30h): Cocktail of vitamins and active ingredients, fights ageing, particularly suitable for mature, dry and skin lacking tonicity. Mulit-Vita will diminish visible signs of fine lines.
Soin Aqua Phyt's (1.45h): Rich in hyaluronic acid, assists in moisture retention, thus plumping, smoothing and ultra hydrating skin. Using peel-off mask technique.
Soin Oligo-Vital (1.30h): Cocktail of essential oils and minerals to nourish, moisture prematurely ageing skin.

Special Facials - Face Mask

• Pure Enzymes (0.5h): Exfoliating mask. Let your natural beauty shine through with pure enzymes. This gentle exfoliating mask harnesses the natural power of cranberry enzymes. Excellent exfoliation for sensitive skin, removes dead skin and improves the texture of the skin. Excellent post chemical peel on day 4.
• Infusion Facial (1.30h): The ultra facial, using different currents for deep ingredients infusion on the skin. Treat all types of skin with the most active ingredients.
• Desincrustation Facial (0.45h): The most detoxifying facial for acne and problem skin. Ideal for teenage skin.

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