Peeling, Chemical Peels for skin treatment

Treating a variety of skin conditions, acne, Rosacea

Medical Prescribed Chemical Peels can improve or reduce skin condition such as fine lines due to aging, pigmentation, acne, Rosacea or dry dehydrated skin. We use Dr Aspect products which are prescribed cosmeceutical products.

Timeless Peel
Vitamin A peel. Dramatically reduce the appearance of visible signs of ageing. Increase your skin's moisture levels.
timeless peel chemical peeling
Lactobotanical Peel
Lactic Acid peel.
For treatment of premature aging, damaged skin, excessive oiliness, clogged pores, uneven skin tone.

before peelingafter peeling
Pigment Punch
Clarity Peel. Treatment of: brown spots, hormonal marks, skin discolorations.
chemical peels Pigment punch
Benefit Peel
Antioxidant peel for sensitive skin. Treatment of: ageing skin, acne prone skin. Excellent peel for Rosacea skin.
acne treatment
Jungle Brew
Amazonian detox peel
Treatment of: spots, excessive oiliness, clogged pores, acne. The peel will fast track your quest for pure and clear skin.
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